Terms of Participation in the Journal activity

When submitting the materials, the authors will meet certain requirements. The articles should not exceed the size of 10-12 pages of paper, be edited computerized on white paper, A4 format, on one side of the sheet, made using Times New Roman font size of 14 pt. The space between rows will be 1.5 intervals.

The information will not exceed 4-5 pages, reviews 3-4 pages, presentations-2 pages. The materials will be written in linguistic terms. The analyzes of the scientific and methodological-didactical conferences will comprise 3-4 pages. The proposed materials will be presented in a copy signed by authors and in electronic version. The didactic-scientific institutions, the departments, as well as the scholars from different fields can publish reviews and presentations of important publications, materials related to the activity of notorious scholars, interviews with them. According to the regulatory requirements for magazines, the articles submitted should be recommended by the relevant institutions: chairs, departments, scientific institutions, their councils, etc. The articles will be recommended by two leading scholars in the field. This is not required from notorious scholars (habilitates, university professors). Each material will include the actual text, a summary of the text and key words in an international language, extracted from the recommendations of the appropriate institutions.

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