Plagiarism checking

Journal of social and human sciences is an academic publication with OPEN ACCESS; so that the entire content of the magazine is available to readers free of charge, in accordance with DOAJ’s goals and goals.

It is known that open-access digital documents are vulnerable to copying; for the detection of this phenomenon, the method based on the comparison of the text submitted to the verification with other original documents is used to identify the plagiarism actions.

The editorial board of the Socium Sciences Review analyzes documents containing the same sentences or phrases in the same order of words. For this purpose, free online programs (Anti-Plagiarism, Plagiarism, PlagTracker, etc.) are used. By paraphrasing a fragment of the text, it is necessary to point the source to avoid plagiarism. If the quote is done correctly and the sentence is quoted and the source is indicated, the detector does not report plagiarism.

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