Journal of Social and Human Sciences, publication of “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University

The Journal of Social and Human sciences is a valuable scientific publication useful for all those concerned with the studies and researches of academic and practical interest, undertaken by specialists in the field of social and human sciences in the country and abroad. It appears in 2005 under the aegis of the “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University. The journal publishes theoretical Studies and researches in various branches of social and Human Sciences, signed by established scientific personalities from Moldova and other countries, as well as articles, reviews, reading notes and comments of young researchers or teaching staff in the process of affirmation.

A substantial part of the magazine is devoted to the valorification of the best traditions in the field of social and human sciences. The Journal also publishes reviews of prestigious works from the Romanian and foreign literature, as well as information on the scientific events organized in Moldova and other countries.  The magazine’s profile is generous,  open to almost all the fields and guidelines of the Social and Human sciences of our century.

The published articles are mostly written in Romanian, but some of them are also written in widely spoken languages, such as English, French. Summaries, as well as the title and keywords in foreign languages, alongside the magazine’s Web page, allow for the widest possible access to the scientific information. The editorial board of the magazine consists of illustrious personalities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

In terms of its periodicity, the Journal of Social and Human sciences appears three times a year. Its current circulation is 100 copies for each number. The magazine has a sustained exchange of publications with several prestigious partners from the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

The electronic version of the publication is provided free of charge to the readers and the institutions to which they belong. As an academic publication with OPEN ACCESS, the entire content of the articles is available to the readers free of charge, in accordance with DOAJ’s goals and objectives.